Discover how to support your child to develop the resilience and self-esteem to thrive in Secondary School.

I'm ready! Let's go!

Can I be honest with you?

Preparing your child for the transition into Secondary School can be challenging. That has always been the case but it's especially true given the year we've all had and the fact that your little one will have missed so much of the usual transition activity.
If you’re anything like most of the parents I'm speaking too you’re feeling even more anxious and worried than you were before, and I get it.
The transition into Secondary School comes with so many unknowns and so it's no wonder that you might be playing through all sorts of unhelpful scenarios in your mind.
Most people think that they're just going to have to suck it up and hope that their kids will be OK.
But the truth is, there's another way. You CAN take steps to support your child through this transition and these steps WILL support them to thrive.
And I'm going to show you how!

So let me introduce you to....

This online program for parents and children will allow you to move your child from feeling NERVOUS, ANXIOUS AND WORRIED about Year 6 to feeling CONFIDENT, READY AND EXCITED.

This program will:


✔ Facilitate the process of your child truly embracing where they are today, of celebrating their Primary School journey and of focusing on their future with excitement and optimism!

✔ Support your child in moving through the stages of transition so that they hit their first day with confidence, excitement and certainty that they’ll thrive.

✔ Establish positive wellbeing habits (based on science) which are guaranteed to build your child’s overall self-esteem and resilience so that they become the best version of themselves.

Here's what one of our Year 6 graduates has to say about the myHappymind For Year 6 transition program:


Here’s the breakdown of what happens in the modules:

Accepting where we are

In this module, we'll be supporting you to help your child understand and acknowledge their feelings about the current situation so that they can reflect before moving forward. This is such a critical step but is so often overlooked - without getting this right it will be very hard for them to embrace the future.

Celebrating where we’ve been

Next, we'll be showing you how to help your child celebrate their journey so far. This allows them to focus on all of the positive things about their Primary School experience so they don't get stuck thinking about all they missed in Year 6 due to lockdown!

Focusing on the Future

Here’s where it gets really chunky and where you're child will begin the journey to thriving! In this module, we’ll step through each of the science-backed areas which are critical to your child's wellbeing, self-esteem and happiness now, through this transition and for life!


Here's the thing... I’ve taught hundreds of thousands of teachers, parents and their children how to have positive mental health by teaching these strategies.

But this Year 6 program has a special place in my heart.


Because the statistics show that so many children's mental health is challenged during this transition.

That's why I LOVE helping parents and children to better understand the steps they can take to PREVENT this from happening! Because when it comes to mental health - prevention is always better than cure!

So what investment will you be making to support your children to be their best self and thrive in Secondary School?

Firstly, let me be clear - I am TOTALLY committed to making this system available to as many parents as I can, especially right now.

This is the exact reason I have made this decision super easy for you. 

While my schools pay thousands for this course….. You can get started for just £99!  

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Let's talk about some juicy bonus items, shall we?

The 3 main modules will completely transform the way you approach this transition but that’s just the beginning….I'm also giving you 2 incredible bonus items to supercharge your success:

1) The Unleash Your Parent Power mini-course to help you tap into your parenting genius!

2) The myHappymind App so you can access this entire course, my podcast and so much more on the go! This makes learning super easy and means you can access it anywhere and at any time!

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So I have 2 options for you!

  1. You can go all digital and we'll send you a fillable PDF of the journal that you'll need for the 3rd stage of the program.
  2. Or, we can send you a beautifully printed journal along with our gorgeous conversation cards - it's up to you!

Enrol now from just £119 and get lifetime access!

Here's what one of our Year 6 graduates has to say about the myHappymind For Year 6 transition program:


For questions or help please contact [email protected]


Hi there, I'm Laura, Founder of myHappymind, author of the best selling book My Happy Mind and Mum to 2!

I personally cannot wait to be your coach and guide when you invest in the Year 6 Transition Program.

Developing the myHappymind system has literally changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. I'm so proud that we're NHS backed and I cannot wait to share all this goodness with you!

Because here's the thing...

I've experienced first hand how it feels to be overwhelmed, stuck in comparing myself and my kids to others and feeling like I just can't do it!

But now I'm on the other side, I know I can help you. No more overwhelm, no more self-doubt - I want this for you so much because I know how amazing it feels.

To go from stuck and stressed to free and motivated, to see your children's self-esteem and resilience skyrocket and to feel your own confidence soar.

I cannot wait for you to get started with the Year 6 Transition program!

All my best,